Secure Share FAQ


What is Secure Share?

Secure Share allows you to send and receive large files that you cannot typically send or receive using Outlook. You can launch Secure Share in your favorite web browser or you can launch it from Outlook once you have installed the Secure Share plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. Secure Share replaced BigMail.

How do I get the Secure Share Outlook client?

We have pushed the client to all non-sso Windows machines at all hospitals. If you have not received the push, please contact the helpdesk and they can push the client to you.

How do I use Secure Share in Outlook (Windows Only)?

After you receive the push for the plug-in, you will see an Attach Large File(s) Secure Share button added to your email Compose Message toolbar. You will also see a Proofpoint tab in the Compose Message toolbar that contains the same Attach Large File(s) Secure Share button and an about icon:

To send a file or files:

  1. Enter the email addresses for the participants. Do not enter a mailing list. Mailing lists are not supported.
  2. Enter a subject and compose your message.
  3. Click the Attach Large File(s) button and browse to the file you want to share. Repeat for each file that you want to attach to this Share.
  4. Click Send when you are done.
  5. Next, you will be presented with a Methodist SSO sign on page which you must sign on to. Just use your same credentials that you use to sign into your computer:

  6. You will now see progress status in the Outlook upload manager as your files are uploaded to Secure Share. You will see status indicators in the upload manager as the file progresses through the upload process.
  7. Once the files are uploaded, the email will be sent. You should then see a pop up stating your files have been successfully shared.

    Note: If you attach a file to an email by using the Attach File icon (instead of the Attach Large File(s) icon) your file may automatically trigger Secure Share if it exceeds 25 mb

How do Mac users access secure share since there currently is no Outlook plug-in for Macs?

Once a plugin becomes available for Apple users, we will distribute. Until then, please access secure share through any web browser on your Apple device or computer. See next question for detailed steps.

How do I access Secure Share to send and receive large files without using Outlook?

Follow these steps to log in to Secure Share over the web in order to send and receive large emails:

  1. Open any web browser and go to this site:
  2. You will then be prompted for your email address. Be sure to use your address, not your address, and click continue

  3. The next screen will take you to the HMH login page. Here you will put your normal Houston Methodist credentials in. The same credentials you would use to log into any computer or webmail.
  4. Once you are signed in, you would click the green CREATE SHARE button to start a new Secure Share to send an email with a large attachment.
  5. Now just drag and drop any large files into the green outlined box to add files or you can click the link to browse to the file(s) in order to add them.
  6. Once the files are added, in the Participants text box you can type in the users email address or click the contact symbol to browse the global address list to add them. Currently you cannot send to distribution lists, you would need to add each users email address individually.
  7. Once they are all added you can add a subject and type an actual message to the user(s) in the message textbox at the bottom of the page.
  8. Once you are ready to send the Secure Share email, click the Done button and an email will be sent to the participants inviting them to the Secure Share. You will get notified once they have accessed the file(s).

How does the recipient access these large files?

The recipient will receive an email inviting them to a new Secure Share. There will be a link for them to click on which will take them to the Secure Share site. The first time they access this site they will need to create a password. Their login ID will be their email address. Once they are logged in, they will see all the files that you sent them. At this point they will be able to download the files to their computer and they will be able to upload files as well to this Secure Share.

How do I access the Secure Share website once I have sent the large files using the outlook client?

Go to and enter your email address:

You should then be presented with the sign on page for Houston Methodist. Log in with your TMH credentials like you would use for your computer login. Once you log in you should then see all your shares and files.

Can I add more files through the website to existing Secure Shares that I have?

Yes. By simply dragging files into the green outlined box or clicking within the box to browse to the files.

Will I get notified when someone downloads or uploads files to the Secure Share?

Yes. There are several notifications that are generated by Secure Share:

Can I invite more users to an existing share that I have created?

Yes. If you click on manage participants, you can add another person’s email address. Hit invite button and they will be sent an email inviting them to the share.

What is the maximum size file I can email (share)?

Two Gigabyte is the maximum files size that you can email to someone.

How long will the files be accessible through the Secure Share site?

The files will be available for 30 days. After 30 days the files will be deleted.

More questions concerning Secure Share? Please contact the IT helpdesk at 832-667-5600. Thank you.